// Interactive Art Installation


"New things had to be make out of fragments" - Kurt Schwitters

"In Pieces" is an experimental, interactive work in which visitors can digitalize their own images in real time, then create collages with the parts of the images transferred in a 3D environment, with their position and body movements in the physical space. The aim is to enable the person to create unique images each time, based on his/her own portrait by using unconventional methods in real time. Thus, the work will have a constantly changing, visual and interactive structure throughout the exhibition.


I've made these sketches a few years ago, and it inspired me to create this work. I essentially wanted to generate portrait collages collectively in an instant ;

I started to converse about the idea with my friend Hakan - amazing artist, creative coder and the other half of the project - He came up with solutions pretty fast. And before getting into work or doing any tests, we have created this simple explanation video to pitch ( Contemporary Istanbul ) ;

Once we have green light, Hakan literally managed to develope the structure identical to the pitch in a fairly short amount of time. He also added a lot of creative input and visual improvements along the way. 

First tests / Proof of concept :

Moments from the final piece :


Full Credits :

Concept, Design and Development : Mert Kizilay & Hakan Gunduz
Curation : Esra Ozkan Documentation : Duygu Turkmen
Music used for documentation edit : Rival Consoles - Ghosting
Special Thanks to Ahmet Said Kaplan, Aylin Calap, Mehmet Kizilay, Decol