Mert Kizilay, born in Tekirdag / Malkara, Brooklyn-based creative director and artist, who establishes connections between design, art and directing, mainly concentrates on experiments focusing on content, concept and emotion by using different mediums.

He studied fine arts, drawing, painting, mixed media. He has always been attracted to sound and music as well, and he used to collect sounds, create compositions on his own.

His first step into filmmaking was studying cel animation. His interest in other mediums expanded quickly; experimenting with different materials, different animation techniques, digital art, live action, stop-motion, composing.
He made several short films and was involved in art shows.

He has been focusing on movie and television opening titles for the past few years. While he is still pursuing that, he has also expanded his focus on different areas such as new media and independent artistic, narrative, interactive explorations.


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